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Personal Stylist

Have you ever dreamed of having a wardrobe that reflects perfectly reflects your personality ,fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and effortlessly exudes confidence?Look no further -a personal stylist is here to turn that dream to reality.

Cloth Assortiment

Your clothing assortment is more than just a collection of garments;its an expression of your personality,your lifestyle and your unique fashion sensibilities.Whether you are building a capsule wardrobe ,curating outfits for different occasions ,or simply upgrading your closet we are the best people to assist and guide you in Kenya.

Taking Measurements

Taking accurate measurements is a crucial step in ensuring that your clothing fits you perfectly and comfortably .In Kenya, just like anywhere else getting the right measurements is key to looking and feeling your best.Whether you are shopping online or getting clothes tailored at Venicious Apparel we are the best option.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a specialized garment cleaning process that offers a range of advantages for preserving the quality,appearance and longevity of your clothing.In Kenya, this method has gained popularity and efficient way to maintain a polished and professional look . We offer the best dry cleaning services .

Our mission

Your Personal Styling Team Always Here

At our clothing company ,our mission is to redifine fashion with purpose .We are committed to crafting garments that only makes style statements but also embody values of sustainability,inclusivity and quality craftsmanship.Our dedication extends beyond trends ,focusing on creating a positive on our customers..

Our mission


We strive to empower our customers to express their individuality through thoughtfully designed ,ethically produced clothing .By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices,we aim to minimize our enviromentalfootprintsand contribute to more sustainable future.

Looking to elevate your wardrobe ?Let us assist you!

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Share your preferences and we’llguide you towardsthe perfect addition to your collection .Ask away and lets curate your ideal look together.

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